Marc Steculorum


A Guido Guidi 8 X 10 contact taken in an Italian suburb, a football landscape by Hans van der Meer, or a photo by Paul Fusco of people saluting Robert F. Kennedy’s funeral train on its way from New York City to Washington, D.C.

What do these pictures have in common and what makes them unique? How can a tiny picture of a seemingly unspectacular place or situation become a thing of beauty and fascination? What is the secret of a photograph that in all its modesty succeeds in seducing us, time after time?

Whereabouts tries to capture in words and images some of the magic of photography. Aimed at students as well as anyone with an interest in visual art, Marc Steculorum gives insight into his practice as a photographer and curator. Through a blending of text and pictures he recounts the various processes and influences that have shaped his way of seeing - his way of looking at photographs.

This ‘where, when, and why’ book can be read as a kind of autobiography, one written in the form of a workshop experience. The aim is to clarify what sets photography apart as a medium for reflection and discovery.

238 x 158 mm, 296 p, 140 ill, 
hardcover, English
edition of 1000
ISBN 9789080944602

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“For a long time I have thought that images do not need text or explanation. Photographs - at least the photos I am interested in - are better seen unmediated, and without filter.
I was - and for a great part I still am - convinced that the power of visual art is silent and wordless.

I have also come to realise though, that the act of seeing is not a simple process. This is especially true nowadays - there are just too many images, all screaming for our attention. As things are, it has become hard to appreciate photos that in a subtle way question our way of looking. Pictures that seek beauty and meaning in the everyday world, showing things pure and plain.

So I decided to make this ‘where, when, and why’ book. It will tell the story of how I got involved in photography, what attracted me to the medium in the first place, and what I have learned about it over the years.” 

Marc Steculorum 


 Seravezza, 2018
 (other images on request)

 Archival Pigment Print
 on Canson PMK Rag, 310g
 Image: 14,5 x 21 cm
 Open edition
 Printed and
 signed by Marc Steculorum


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